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All of our litters are born in our puppy nursery. I sleep on a cot right next to our puppies in our nursery every night for the first two weeks of their lives to ensure as much attention to each and every litter as possible. They are so fragile during their first few weeks of life, so it is important we stay close to detect and treat any signs of distress before they turn into an emergency situation.

Once puppies begin to move they will have an upgrade in accommodations to ensure and allow them to thrive in their development. 

We believe it is essential to begin to work with our puppies from just days after they are born to help in bettering their early development. 

We start on developing an individual training plan per litter, breaking down what we would like to achieve in each week.


This starts with Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction


Once the puppies are 5 - 6 weeks old we start to teach your puppy manners and work on basic training before they go to the new homes so that we can give them the best possible start in life.


Our focus is on potty training, learning their new names, crate training, and "puppy puppy puppy" training and basic manners before they go home at 8 weeks old.

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