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At Delilah's Poodle Doodles, we breed toy, miniature and moyen (Medium) sized aussiedoodles and poodles, as well as mini and moyen sized goldendoodles in an in-home, kennel free environment located in Oshawa, Ontario. (Located 40 minutes east of Toronto).


Although we breed our own litters, from time to time we work closely with other local ethical small-scale breeders in our mentorship program. These small-scale breeders adhere to our standards of top health testing, in-home breeding, and puppy raising style. These litters are sired by our studs and are moyen and small standard sizes. Typically, our mentorship litters are bernedoodles, goldendoodles, and poodles. When these litters are available we announce their availability on our Facebook and Instagram. 



At Delilah's Poodle Doodles, we focus on giving our mamas and puppies the love, care, and attention they deserve. While spending their early months with us they are our family first. 


This philosophy allows us to start to teach your puppies manners and begin on basic tanning before they go to the forever homes. The basics we focus on are potty training, basic commands, learning their new names, crate training, and clicker training.


Raising a litter of puppies inside your home is hard. Sure it's a lot easier to raise them in a garage or a kennel because there is a lot less they can get into - however this increases the likelihood of losing puppies to cold, disease, new mom inexperience, or accidents. Simply put, puppies that come from bigger breeders do not get the one-on-one attention they deserve during their most vulnerable phase of life.


All the dogs that are a part of our breeding program have been carefully selected from great lines to ensure we continue to breed the best possible quality puppies. We strongly believe that dogs should be bred for quality and not quantity. All purebreds and doodles in our program (and mentor program) have been genetically tested to ensure the healthiest combination of genes.


Our #1 goal is to continue to better the litters we breed. Breeding dogs is not only our job but rather our passion. All our dogs are our pets and babies first and we believe in honest breeding, done with love, care, and morals.

We work very closely with our specialized veterinarians, who are amazing at what they do, to ensure you are getting the healthiest puppies! Each of our mamas and papas that are chosen for our breeding program must be from high quality lines. They have all received clearance in genetic, health, and DNA tests which tells us additional history about their exact bloodline. Once they have been cleared to be a part of the breeding program, they will be ethically bred to produce sweet temperaments, low to no shedding hybrids, and hypoallergenic non-shedding poodles.

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