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A guardian home is a forever home for our moms and dads in the breeding program. The core purpose of our guardian home program is to make the breeding process responsible and to ensure that our dogs enjoy a full life as beloved pets in a home.

Guardian adoption operates like a "foster to own"  arrangement. Guardian homes are chosen with great care and attention. It is very important that we ensure the right fit for our dogs and partner with families we can work well with. To be a guardian home you must be a true dog lover who understands the commitment and benefit of providing exercise and meaningful socialization. Dogs are adopted free of cost under an agreement. We prefer households with a physical fence, however we may accept e-fences. Must be within 1 hour of the Oshawa, Ontario. 

Our male guardians dogs, we retain breeding rights until 6 (Six) years old. He will be used with our females, and for stud services to approved, health tested females owned by other breeders. We guarantee at least 1 week's notice for all breeding requirements and expect our males to be used approximately 4-8 times per year.

Our female guardian dogs, we retain exclusive breeding rights for up to 3 litters. Females are bred on their second or third heat (approximately 2nd birthday depending on her heat cycles). She will be bred over the course of 1 (one) week, then will be returned to us before her expected due date. She will stay with us from then until the puppies are weaned at 7-8 weeks of age, then will return home to you. Return dates depend on how weaning and puppy care is coming along. During her stay with us, you are welcome to visit your dog and the puppies. 


Please note all our guardian dogs get their annual core booster and rabies paid for by us, as well as lots of spoiled treatment and love while in our care. Before they were your babies they were our little babies. Once retirement has been decided, the breeding rights discontinued and you will be the sole owner of the dog once spay/neutering has been completed. Approved guardians will receive a well-bred, health tested puppy with an excellent temperament free of charge.


  • These homes ensure the whole health and wellness of our dog parents 

  • Each dog lives a life as a beloved pet in a happy home environment 

  • It allows each dog to develop and maximize his/her full potential 

  • It ensures the best life possible for each and every one of our dogs

  • It is an opportunity for a true dog lover to adopt a lovely pet at no upfront cost 

  • It is an opportunity for dog lovers to become part of an active and dynamic dog community with lifetime support 


If the guardian home program sounds like the right opportunity for you, send us an email and ask for an application!  We will  be sure to get back to you as soon as we can and if accepted keep your application on file for future opportunities! 

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